Global Value Solutions Holdings Ltd..

Presenting a range of services and solutions to individuals and institutions in the areas of most demanded segments in today’s world.

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Global Health Solutions presents 100% Organic Wheatgrass Powder, Sole Distributor for Hong Kong, Now looking for Individual Dealers.

CityWellbeing is one of the offshoots of Global Value Solutions Holdings Limited. Healthy living of each individual is an important aspect of ultimate wellbeing; the ultimate wellbeing can only achieve through eating right and natural foods, getting plenty of exercise and a peaceful state of mind. The team in City Wellbeing bringing simple touches to achieve the ultimate wellbeing through their utmost dedication.

CityChef is one of the offshoots of Global Value Solutions which bring innovative ideas, brands and solutions which can give a complete satisfication through taste, creativity, fun and family time.

GVS IT Solutions bringing an unparalleled services in the areas of Web Designing, E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Software Consulting and other IT related equipments and components services. This area has been managed and lead by highly expertise IT professionals.